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Paleontology can be a hobby for some, but for Adam and Katie it's a lifestyle. As owner and operators of Ancient Lake Fossils Inc., both take pride in discovering the mysteries and anomalies that the earth has to offer. Wroking with fossils since 2004, Adam founded the company excavating the Green River Formation in Southwestern Wyoming. Close friends for 10 years, Katie and Adam became a couple in late 2010, prompting Katie to finish her Photography and Fine Arts Degree in Michigan, pack up and head to Wyoming to put her head and hands in the business. 


Now as a team the two enjoy every aspect of the business together, staying busy with quarrying the sites during the summer months, traveling to shows to set up exhibits in the winter and preparing fossils for auction year round. Their passion towards nature allows them to take enjoyment in each day. With their continued hard work and dedication, along with the support of their families, both hope to continue making discoveries. 


Ancient Lake

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